Acura: Interactive Oracles

This fun and engaging installation gives users the ability to explore the Acura brand in a unique way. Each Oracle consists of a tabletop based projection with a high lumen projector mounted underneath, and a multi-user, multi-touch sensor system above. As visitors move their hands across the surface, Acura related graphics and symbols come to life with a flourish of activity and sound.

Two interface elements allow visitors to control the experience. An inner slider / handle lets users select from four different categories of visuals: technology, connected, performance, and design. The two outermost sliders / handles, allow a user to control the color spectrum, from which the symbols will randomly select, when they generate themselves.

Designed and developed in collaboration with: Geoff MyeJulien Le Bas, MOTO Development Group, Mindflood, Ian BrewerJonathan JarvisSebastian Bettencourt and Phil Van Allen.

Client: Acura
Agency: George P. Johnson
Roles: Concept, Creative Director, UX Director, Technical Direction, Producer