Dow: Olympics Touch Table

On Board Experiential Marketing, Dow’s event vendor, engaged PUSH Offices to create an interactive touch table that would showcase Dow’s role in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Dow saw an opportunity to showcase their existing products, which made much of the games possible, and to reveal new technologies which may be involved in the Olympics of the future. Equally, Dow had a desire to develop business opportunities through the international exposure of the Olympic Games.

PUSH Offices began by attempting to understand the depth and breadth of the Dow footprint on the summer Olympics. It soon became clear that much of what Dow was supplying to the games was literally beneath the surface, and so the concept of making the invisible visible was born. PUSH Offices worked closely with OBE to develop the concept for the Dow Touch Table, which allowed visitors to touch and explore different small-scale models of buildings and venues within a future Olympic Park.

Through an engaging user experience, areas were “deconstructed”, revealing the Dow products and services which made up the critical infrastructure, whether construction, energy storage, transportation, water treatment and/or electronic communications.

The Table was a success, specifically among discerning international guests, including architects, city planners, engineers and corporate executives.

Roles: Concept Development, Creative Director, UX Director, Technical Director, Producer