Honda: FCX Clarity Exhibit

This exhibit for the new Honda FCX Clarity, a limited production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, features physical interactives, touchscreen interactives, videos, and large-scale graphics. Collectively they showcase the many different features of the vehicle while helping to answer some of the most common questions visitors might have about its innovative technology. The space was broken up into four different areas: How does it work?, Refueling & Services, Performance & Safety, Design & Technology. 

In those areas visitors are able to, in an engaging way, learn about what makes a fuel cell work (hydrogen and air coming together to produce power and water), the benefits of the home energy station (home refueling!), and the upcoming evolution of the hydrogen distribution network (coming to a city near you in California). A virtual, life-size product specialist guides visitors through the space by highlighting the many different experiences to explore. 

Designed and developed in close collaboration with Julien Le BasHUSH and Second Story

Client: Honda Motor Company
Agency: George P. Johnson
Roles: Concept, Creative Direction, UX Direction, Technical Direction, Producer