Honda: Safety Interactive

Arm it. Crash it. Review it. That’s the concept behind this physical interactive that lets users experience all of the Honda safety features that come to life during a frontal car crash of a 2008 Honda Accord. Through the use of a series of physical controls, users set up and initiate the crash. Then using a jog wheel, they are able to scrub through the slow motion video in detail to see the exact moments in which each safety feature activates, and how they help to protect the body before, during, and after impact.

This interactive was featured in the Honda booth at all four of the major North American auto shows and was designed and developed in close collaboration with Julien Le Bas, the brilliant team at Small Design Firm and Peter Cho.

Client: Honda Motor Company
Agency: George P. Johnson
Roles: Concept, Creative Direction, UX Direction, Technical Advisor, Producer