Mobile Cloud App

PUSH Offices redesigned a major mobile carrier's cloud app from the ground up, conducting user and design research to first gain insights into why their current app has a 2-star rating in the app store. Our research lead to a new vision for the app, one which puts an emphasis on clarity, elegantly visualizing a user's life, and helping them live it with a peace of mind.

The new design uses natural language to make using the app and adjusting the settings very clear. All actions are clearly communicated to the user so they know exactly when a backup is set to occur, what the progress is and if any issues have occurred. The navigation uses large swipe gestures to move between data classes and the visual design language we established builds on the clarity of the messaging using simple typography and a clean, flat interface.

The end product will come pre-installed on all of the carrier's phones, and will allow users to backup and store their photos, videos, music, contacts and documents in their personal cloud.

Roles: Creative Direction, UX Direction