Research Now: Listening Glass

Research Now, a leading global research firm, tapped PUSH Offices to design and produce an interactive “Listening Glass” installation for their booth at the annual Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) conference. At the heart of Research Now’s process is listening to people. PUSH Offices turned this core practice into the heart of the interactive installation, which used gesture to unlock and reveal hidden social conversations happening around the space in real time.

The installation tracked thousands of real-time social conversations at the event. When attendees passed by the “Listening Glass”, a stylized projection of their silhouette was projected on the glass accompanied with real-time quotes relating to the event.

In preparation for the final installation, we built a full-scale mock-up in our office to thoroughly test and evolve the user interactivity, the visual appeal and responsiveness and coding of the “Listening Glass”.  

Roles: Creative Director, UX Director, Technical Director, Producer