Samsung: Future Vision

While at PUSH Offices I had the good fortune of leading three different future vision projects for Samsung in which we explored answers to a variety of unique and challenging questions including: What is the future of television? How will robots change the way we live in our homes? What if we no longer owned any media, but instead had access to all media, all the time?  

Each of these projects first involved user research including: ethnographic field studies, interviews, surveys, culture probes, retail safaris and competitive landscape development. For each project we designed our own unique set of research tools.

Our audience research lead us to themes and insights that we then explored through a series of ideation workshops and brainstorms. After selecting the most fruitful ideas we used design research, concept ideation, physical prototyping, and rapid iteration to visualize the concepts and better understand their potential from an experience design perspective.

The final deliverables we created included highly crafted concept videos that blended live action storytelling, experience design and user interface.

Team project activities included: Audience Research, Workshop Facilitation, Concept Development, Scenario Development, Innovation Strategy, Product Definition, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Photography, User Interface Design, Green Screen Video, Live-Action Video, Motion Design 

My Roles: Creative Director, UX Director, Researcher, Producer