Scion: Mix It Up Experience

Scion, a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation, challenged us to create a compelling interactive experience for their new auto show space that would help bring their brand to life. We focused our attention on the process of customization, which is central to Scion’s brand, and developed a unique, large-scale, interactive display system that immerses the user in the experience of creating their own customized virtual Scion by selecting a model, color, wheels, body accessories, applied graphics, and a background image.

Once the user completes their customized car, they enter their information and the kiosk emails them a screenshot of their creation that can then be used to decorate their desktop, mobile phone or anything else they can think of. 

Mix It Up was first revealed at the 2006 Toyota National Dealer Convention in San Antonio, TX, to more than 5,000 visitors. The second week of January it made its auto show debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. 

Designed and developed in close collaboration with Hilary ReadArt Cole and Mindflood.

Client: Scion
Agency: George P. Johnson
Roles: Concept, Creative Director, UX Direction, Technical Director, Producer