USA Network

Characters Welcome. That was the concept we focused on for the rebranding of the number one basic cable network in the world. We wanted to celebrate the many unique and intriguing characters that make up the USA Network viewing landscape. Not only the characters in the original series, movies and sporting events like Monk, Denzel Washington and Andy Roddick, but also characters like you and me who enjoy the shows. We created a site that brought everyone’s personality to life through strong imagery, exclusive video features and interactive games.

We also developed, cable entertainment’s first digital social networking space. The site allows users to show off their own unique character by creating a profile and recording themselves with a web cam. They can then vote for their favorite characters, chat with their newly made friends and join show communities. The success of the website inspired the USA Network to create Characters Wanted, a nationwide character contest. 

Client: USA Network
Agency: Hello Design
Roles: Design Director, UX Direction, Designer