Western Union: Surface Table Interactive

For their 160th anniversary celebration gala, Western Union wanted to create a memorable experience that told their history of “moving money for better”. The event took place inside the New York Public Library (Stephen A. Schwarzman Building) and the audience included some of the world’s best known economic and political luminaries.

Working with Jack Morton – the lead event agency, PUSH Offices designed an interactive table installation that told the story of how the transfer of money across the globe can help empower those in need.

Each visitor to the gala was given a commemorative coin that was both a keepsake and their personal key to unlock and navigate the interactive experience. The coins were individually tagged with an invisible IR marker so that the tables would recognize each unique attendee.

When an attendee placed their coin on the table, their name would appear on the screen greeting them with a personal message. Attendees could then use the coin to navigate through Western Union’s products & services, and “send” virtual money between countries on both sides of the table.

Roles: Concept Development, Creative Director, UX Director, Technical Director, Producer